Thursday, 23 January 2014

Murray Grindlay - Don't Look Back 1977

Murray Grindlay is probably best known to most New Zealanders as the voice of dozens TV jingles. He also played in The Underdogs, Brew and Cruise Lane among others (let's forget Monte Video). He has  also contributed to several soundtracks including Broken English, Once Were Warriors and Sleeping Dogs were this single comes from. It was his second solo single. He released one more solo single and an album as well many other singles and albums with various bands.

Solo Vinyl Discography
Nova's Song Zodiac 1974
Don't Look Back EMI 1977
So In Love With You Key 1977
Murray Grindlay Key 1977
Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

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  1. Sweet! I have been looking for Dont Look Back since Sleeping Dogs came out. Thanks for the chance to hear it again. What a great song!