Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Four Fours - One Track Mind 1967

This is the twelfth and last single from Tauranga band Four Fours. It was their fourth for Zodiac Records. They never released an album. By the time this was released in 1967 the band were on their way to Britain and had changed their name to Human Instinct. Both songs are covers, One Track Mind was originally by The Knickerbockers, Hawaii is a Beach Boys song.

Bill Ward         Guitar, Vocals
Dave Hartstone           Guitar
Frank Hay                     Bass
Maurice Greer            Drums 

Vinyl Discography
That Happy Allied 1963
The Wolf Allied 1963
Barrow Boy Allied 1964
Everytime Allied 1964
She's Gonna Get Me Allied 1964
Time Slips Away Allied 1965
Baby Come Back To Me Allied 1965
You're My Baby Allied 1965
This Time Tomorrow Zodiac 1966
From The Bottom Of My Heart Zodiac 1966
Go Go Zodiac 1966
One Track Mind Zodiac 1967

Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Monday, 30 December 2013

Murray Loveridge - Travelling Man 1988

A self-funded  single from Whanganui musician Murray Loveridge. He had played bass for Quincey Conserve and Captain Custard. The B-Side is a cover of Corben Simpson's 1971 APRA Silver Scroll winning song Have You Heard A Man Cry renamed Man Cry. The record's cover is handmade. Released on Audio Earpiece Records in 1988.

Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lea Maalfrid - Pleasure Machine 1977

Only solo single from ex-Ragnarok singer Lea Maalfrid. Released on Atlantic Records in 1977. The B-side Lavender Mountain won the APRA Silver Scroll in 1977. Lea Maalfrid went on to write hits for Bonnie Raitt (Storm Warning) and  Sheena Easton (You Could Have Been With Me).

Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mangaweka Viaduct - Rain At My Window 1981

This is Wellington band Mangaweka Viaduct's only single. They did release an album in 1982 on Rugged Records. Rain At My Window was released on Bunk Records in 1981. On the back cover the track Mr. Jump is listed first but the label states Rain At My Windows is Side One.

Darryl Lloyd Jones       Guitar/Vocals
Paul McAlister                          Bass
Bruce Speers                          Guitar
Danny Shaw                          Drums

Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Friday, 27 December 2013

Red Adair - Rome 1988

80s synth pop from Auckland band Red Adair. Released on Warrior Records in 1988. This was their only release. Bass player Robert Rakete later found fame working in Television and as a radio DJ.

Peter George                        Drums
Jason Shon                           Vocals
Robert Rakete                         Bass
Nicholas Whittingham    Keyboards
David McCarthy                     Guitar

Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Steam / Womb - Captain Stupid Comics 1995

This single was given away with an issue of Captain Stupid Comics in 1995. The single was released on Slow Camel Records. It had a track by Steam on one side and one by Womb on the other. I apologise to Womb, I know nothing about them, were they are from or who was in them. Steam were a bit of a local super-group. Drummer Rob Key had played in The Cakekitchen and The Expendables, guitarist Danny Manetto for Shaft and Voom (Danny also played the Cello on Straightjacket Fits' She Speeds) bassist Nick Kreisler played in the Pet Rocks and Greg Fleming & The Trains and singer Chris McKibbin, in Lee Harvey and the Bagmen. This was Steam's only release.

Robert Key                      Drums
Chris McKibbin     Vocals/Guitar
Nick Kreisler                      Bass
Danny Manetto                Guitar

These tracks were recorded off of a record that was etched not pressed. One of the King Worldwide Records lathe cut records made in Geraldine during the 1990s. The grooves were etched on to a polycarbonate disk rather than pressed into vinyl. So the quality is not the best.
Recorded off of the 7" vinyl polycarbonate single

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Abdullahs' Regime - Sally I Do 1968

Wellington's Abdullahs' Regime were put together solely to record this single. They were a studio band, they never played live. This was their only release from 1968. It was the first release of Ode Records, one of New Zealand's first independent labels.

Mark Dalley    Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards
Robert Coulter                                 Guitar
Greg Cobb                                        Bass
Mark Hansen                                  Drums

Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Monday, 23 December 2013

Sheerlux - Lonely Hearts 1979

Born out of the ashes of early Auckland Punk band The Stimulatiors. Sheerlux mark 1 replaced The Scavengers as the resident band at the legendary Zwines nightclub in 1978. But things can change quickly. Sheerlux mark 2 were more New Wave than Punk. They adopted a new image, a more professional attitude and improved their musicianship. Which was seen as selling out by their former Punk audience. Although now hated by the Punks their following grew. This was their only single. Released by WEA in 1979. They broke up soon after in 1980. Steve Roach and Jim Juricevich went on to form The Techtones.

Paul Robinson         Vocals
Jimmy Juricevich     Guitar
Roland Kileen            Bass
Greame Schnell       Drums
Steve Roach             Guitar

Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Paul Agar & The Set - Your Eyes 1982

Paul Agar was 16 years old when he formed Paul Agar & The Set. This is their only single. it was released in 1982 on Reaction Records. After the The Set broke up Agar formed Marginal Era.

Paul Agar     Vocals/Guitars
Trevor O'Neill             Bass
Simon Hannah         Drums

Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Friday, 20 December 2013

?Fog - Fatman With A Big Dork 1985

Only release from Auckland based ?Fog. Released on Fog City Enterprise through Jayrem Records in 1985. ?Fog were formed by former Riot 111 drummer, Roger Fogarelli when he moved to Auckland from Wellington. They also featured poet Dave Eggleton and Sam Swan, one of the singers in Life In The Fridge Exists. They released a second single under the name Robert. The core of that band became Sperm Bank 5.

Roger Fogarelli             Drums
Lindsay Fog          Bass/Guitar
Sam Swan                     Vocals
David Eggleton             Guitar
Blaies Oarsman               Bass 

These tracks have been re-recorded. They're better quality now.
Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Jock'e Strapp & The Tall Boys - We Still Love You Sweet Piggy Muldoon 1978

The only single by Jock'e Strapp and the Tall Boys. Release in 1978 on Mascot. One of the many songs about the then Prime Minister Robert Muldoon.

Press Release

Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Top Shelf - Baby, The World Really Turns 1969

Only single from Whanganui band The Top Shelf. Release on His Master's Voice in 1969

Murray Barnes                 Gutiar
David Beryman                 Bass
Kevin Furey                     Gutiar
John Harrison                 Voices
Martin Berryman             Drums

Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Greg Christensen - Smiley 1978

The second single from former Creation singer Greg Chistensen. Released in 1978 on Vertigo Records. Not a cover of the Craig Scott song.

Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single

Vinyl Discography
Maria Vertigo 1977
Smiley Vertigo 1978
Baby, I Like It EMI 1980

Monday, 16 December 2013

Ainsworths / Regulators - Double B Side 1980

Double B side single with Ainsworths' Coin on one side and Regulators' Neat Boy on the other. Both bands hailed from the North Shore of Auckland. Released in 1980 on Olympic. On the copy I have the labels are mixed up, the side that says Regulators plays the Ainsworths and vice versa. From the Regulators Andrew Bock went on to form Oi Punk band No Tag, Geoff Hayden formed The Dabs with Rowan Sheddon of the Ainsworths before joining the Mockers. Adam Holt of the Ainsworths joined Sons In Jeopardy before becoming the Head of Universal Music NZ. 

Andrew Boak         Guitar/Vocals
Geoff Hayden                     Bass
Richard Foulkes              Drums

Rowan Sheddon            Guitar
Hillary Hunt                   Vocals
Adam Holt                       Bass
Phil                                Drums
Recorded off of the 7" vinyl single
These tracks have been re-recorded. They're better quality now.